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Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 6 PM
Saturday & Sunday - 9 AM - 5PM

Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 6 PM
Saturday & Sunday - 9 AM - 5PM


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My housekeeper of many years retired at the end of 2016. I was devastated. She knew my preferences and had a keen focus for detail. Not only did she do a good job, I felt like I was losing a trusted member of the family so I dreaded trying to find her replacement. But I wanted to simplify my life and start using a professional house cleaning service (my housekeeper was an employee on payroll and sometimes called in sick). I was very fortunate to find Fresh-N-Home on the Internet. Fresh-N-Home is a fully insured company with wonderful employees who are thorough and trustworthy. I like that they consistently send out the same gals, and if a substitute is needed I am assured I will get a seasoned replacement. Viola - just like magin - I am so happy with Fresh-N-Home. No more hassle. Michelle and Aimee cheerfully clean my home every week and they do a FANTASTIC JOB. I love that we are a team now. I teach them my preferences and they teach me tips and tricks for efficient cleaning. Best of all, I like that they are not afraid to ask me questions, offer suggestions, or point out areas that need cleaning that had been overlooked before. I've used Fresh-N-Home for two months and feel so comfortable having them in my home. While I certainly miss my housekeeper of many years, I look forward to a long-term relationship with Fresh-N-Home and I especially like working with Michelle and Aimee. I get a sparkling clean home in one day with my new team as opposed to 2-days a week for all those years.

I've had Fresh-N-Home clean my house twice and both times have been  outstanding.  The first was a move-in cleaning where they cleaned  blinds, inside of cabinets, bathrooms, etc.  The second was a couple of  months later after we had finished our 3 bath/1 kitchen remodel.  The  house was covered with construction dust in every nook and cranny and we  have a toddler.  The house was spotless and shiny. They were meticulous  about cleaning as well as the little touches like folding blankets and  replacing things where they'd been.  The team asked questions when they  weren't sure about something.  They were professional and polite.  I  definitely plan to use them again.

I called Fresh n Home for a full house cleaning for my mothers house who  has Multiple Sclerosis and is bound to a wheel chair. She had a  caregiver who lived nothing short of filthy. I called at 7:30 am and  Steven the owner answered promptly, nice and professional, and eager to  help me. He said he was available by 11 or 12 the same day for an  estimate.  About an hour after we got off the phone,  a deadline at work  prevented me from meeting him at that time. I called again and asked if  there was anyway we could do it sooner. He said he would send someone  right away, and he did just that. The home was in Oceanside and they  were there promptly at 10:00am all the way from San Diego. Jenny and her  assistant greeted me at the door; they were so sweet and helpful. They  were quick with the estimate and gave me a great price. I had to leave  to go back to work and they were SO good to my mom, constantly making  sure she was okay and asking if she needed  anything. The house was  spotless with everything I asked for in a VERY timely manner. No games,  no gimmicks just purely great help. I am so appreciative of them still  and I strongly recommend Fresh n Home to anyone needing a great service,  with friendly people, at a feasible price. I will definitely be using  them in the future if necessary.

I am so impressed with Fresh N Home! Not only are they incredibly  reasonable in price but they do an outstanding job!  I had Fresh N Home  come clean my home for the first time today and could not be happier.  The 2 women took their time and made sure every room was meticulously  clean. They did not rush at all. My bathrooms and kitchen look amazing!   I can't remember the last time my house looked this great. we are so  impressed In fact that we are going to now start having them come every 2  weeks! I have a todler and 5 animals and a baby ony the way and fresh n  home is reasoable enough that I will finally be able to afford having  someone help me with my home upkeep and help clean all the messes my  child and animals make! Speaking of my child and animals...., I must add  that I am so impressed with how sweet the ladies were to my animals and  son. My cat followed them from room to room getting in their way and  they were so sweet. Beyond that my 3 year old son wouldn't stop talking  to them and they were so patient and Kind with him. They were so  ingratiating that my son gave them  a big hug when they were finished  for coming to our home. 5 star job and 5 star customer service! I have  actually never written a yelp review before in my life but feel so happy  with this company I just have to spread the word!

Great service! Friendly staff-promptly arrived at my house and Steven provided us with an estimate-were able to schedule appointment  with short notice-ladies took their time cleaning and did not leave until they felt like everything had been taken care of.  Highly recommend service!

Fresh n home did a great job in making my home spotless and beautiful again, they did such an spectacular job on my kitchen and its Amazing that they use environmentally friendly cleaning products. I'm really impress with the service they have provided to me and will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

Jenny is amazing. She is so flexible with the hours she comes to clean. My schedule changes a lot and she is always able to adapt. She does an excellent job cleaning and is so friendly and warm. She is very efficient and works nonstop when she's here. She even goes the extra mile and took the dogs for a walk. You don't get that kind of service everywhere.

I have to give Kelly and her team 5 stars for one of the best customer service experiences I have had. I had been searching for a house  cleaner for awhile, but felt like I was trying to be sold something and was  just a number. I felt Kelly's service was personalized and they  worked  around my schedule. We talked after the service to make sure I was happy and they leave a checklist of every item they cleaned. My apartment looks amazing.. they even took care of things that I had  troubled getting stains out of such as my oven and toilet. I would recommend their services and plan on using them again soon!!

Fresh N Home gets it.... quality work- ontime- withhin my budget ...... everyone else is playing for second place.

I needed cleaning after a major party. The customer service was excellent.I've used other cleaning services before and the chemicals they used left me with headaches for a couple days after the cleaning. I loved the fact that fresh and home is they only use safe nontoxic cleaning products and never left a left a chemical odor which is great if you have kids and /or pets.. Very detail oriented and thorough with the service.  I am a happy customer and highly recommend Fresh N Home to everyone!